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Special Delivery.

Mrs Badhams recently took delivery of her new MINI from Stratstone Chesterfield.

There is quite a story behind the delivery of 800 PEA which we are delighted to share with you and is written by Mrs Badham:

Reunited! The Story of the Green Pea.

In 1967 I decided I wanted to learn to drive. As a recently qualified teacher I didn’t have much spare cash but saved and finally managed to reach the target amount of £250 which was enough to buy my green mini 800 PEA. I was so proud of it and after quite a few lessons managed to pass my driving test in it.
I really enjoyed my PEA, literally driving it into the ground as there was no MOT test and I knew nothing about car maintenance! Finally, it gave up on me on the main road leading into Birmingham. My friend Hazel who was in the car with me, suggested we abandon the PEA and come back for it the next day when she would bring her little brother Dennis with her as apparently he knew about cars and would soon get me mobile again. True to her word the following day she turned up with her ‘little’ brother (all 6 foot 3 inches of him) and the PEA once again hit the road. Romance blossomed and 12 weeks later Dennis and I married. The PEA had brought us together and 44 years later we still have fond memories. What happened to my green mini with its distinctive number plate has often been a source of speculation over the years as we had sold it soon after we married.
In January 2017 I took the decision to replace my mini (yes I still drove minis!) with a new one and loved the idea of British Racing Green. Stratstone Chesterfield found me the perfect car but what a pity we had sold the plate 800 PEA with the car in 1973 with the car, it would have been so perfect for my new mini!! Idly googling I put in 800 PEA and much to my amazement there it was up for sale! I contacted Regplates who told me that it had come in off an Aston Martin recently. Amazing! Of course I had to have it and now it is proudly attached to my new Racing Green mini cooper ready to begin its new life! Who knows what adventures lie ahead for us 50 years on?!